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Agriculture is characterised by strong cyclical trends. We offer structured advances and loans, which take the effects of these cycles into account.

Whether you need to acquire new property, finance equipment or fund operating expenses, we have a solution to meet your requirements, such as overdrafts, asset finance, medium-term loans or business revolving credit.


An overdraft is the ideal way to manage your cash flow. It is linked to your business account and you can use as much as you need, up to your limit.

The benefits

  • An overdraft is quick and easy to arrange
  • The cash is available when you need it
  • You only pay interest on what you use, not on the full amount at which your limit is set
  • Sole proprietors can apply for an overdraft or increase their limits at an AutoBank and through Internet.

This unit has been set up by the Bank to provide working capital facilities for the Commercial Farmer in Mozambique. Should there be a need for the financing of assets by the Commercial Farmer, our VAF Unit can look this at. There are certain requirements that need to be supplied by the Commercial Farmer to enable the Agricultural Unit to consider the financing of the farming operation and these are detailed below:

  • A full business plan. This must be as detailed as possible and give such information as past experience of the applicant, past performance of the applicant, details of the farm on which the operation is to take place and the intended cropping program and details of the off-takers of the crops to be grown. A detailed list of assets plus values should also be provided. The value of the assets need not be a professional valuation.
  • A detailed cash flow forecast showing all anticipated expenditure and income on a month-by-month basis for the duration of the borrowings required.
  • Financial statements for the last financial year-end and up-to-date management accounts.
  • A visit to the farming operation will be undertaken so that a further assessment can be made of the operation.


Events & Social Responsabilities

Standard Bank assinala 120 de actividade bancária em Moçambique

Por ocasião das celebrações dos 120 anos do início das suas operações em Moçambique - cujo aniversário se assinala a 20 de Agosto - o Standard Bank vai desenvolver, ao longo deste ano, diversas actividades comemorativas, sob o lema “Standard Bank: 120 anos de história em Moçambique”.

Natal do Doente apetrecha pediatria do HGJM

O Standard Bank ofereceu, no dia 14 de Dezembro, em Maputo, à enfermaria de Pediatria do Hospital Geral José Macamo, um aparelho de fototerapia, duas balanças digitais neona­tais e roupa de cama para a enfermaria de pediatria e o berçário.