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Credit Card

With Standard Bank´s credit card you have instant access to cash through all ATMs in Mozambique and overseas, and you can also choose to use your credit card for purchases on the POS rather than withdrawing cash.

By doing so you automatically stand a chance to watch the 2010 world cup quarter-finals. With a Standard Bank Visa Credit card you can make your payments in a easier and more practical manner.

The credit card offers greater flexibility with payments and is essentials in cases of emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. With a Standard Bank credit card you can have access to revolving credit , free of interest up to a maximum of 55 days, no charges on the POS transactions, access to detailed statements, improving cash flows, simple repayment terms, and operations over the internet. In the case of loss of your card, you can also have a credit protection plan, a travel insurance on international travelling as well as an additional card, all free of charge. Besides all these great advantages, you can also stand a chance to win tickets to the 2010 World Cup quarter-finals. Do miss out, get your card now!


Events & Social Responsabilities

Standard Bank assinala 120 de actividade bancária em Moçambique

Por ocasião das celebrações dos 120 anos do início das suas operações em Moçambique - cujo aniversário se assinala a 20 de Agosto - o Standard Bank vai desenvolver, ao longo deste ano, diversas actividades comemorativas, sob o lema “Standard Bank: 120 anos de história em Moçambique”.

Natal do Doente apetrecha pediatria do HGJM

O Standard Bank ofereceu, no dia 14 de Dezembro, em Maputo, à enfermaria de Pediatria do Hospital Geral José Macamo, um aparelho de fototerapia, duas balanças digitais neona­tais e roupa de cama para a enfermaria de pediatria e o berçário.