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Privacy and security statement

The safety of online navigation, in the use of personal details and confidence in transactions, presumes that all good practices and norms of security be in place.
Know our procedures and recommendations for secure use:

1º - Regularly update the software on your computer
In order to increase security on your computer, one should make use of properly licensed software and regularly update its operating system, browsers and other software.Whenever there are vulnerabilities in the software which can compromise the security of the computers, the suppliers of the software immediately correct them through the release of updates.

Normally these updates can be done through the Internet, as follows:

  • Manually - through downloads from the site of the supplier and never from links or files received through email messages;
  • Automatically - provided that the software is previously configure to receive automatic updates (recommended by the general issues of the manufacturers that bear this kind of functionality).

To guarantee the automatic update of the software it is necessary to follow the instructions on the respective documentation or on the site of the supplier. It is important to pay special attention to the vulnerabilities of more generalized software, for example software supplied by Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Sun, Mozilla, Real Media, Open Office, among others.

For example, in case of the operating system and other software supplied by the Microsoft, including Internet Explorer and MS Office, the updates should be obtained, automatically, from the Microsoft Update site (

Always be aware of the security updates that the software suppliers launch and install them immediately in order to guarantee that the computer is protected of possible attacks.

Never accept updates or links for download, received by email, which might be an attempt for fraud. Always refer to the supplier’s site.

2º - Install an antivirus and always keep it updated
An antivirus software helps protect the computer against virus, Trojans, worms and other kind of malicious programs. These are programs which can gravelly damage the computer.

How to protect against virus:

  • Acquire and install a good antivirus program, which will detect and remove the virus on your computer.
  • One can also opt, in alternative, for a free solution for personal or domestic use, provided it is equally trustworthy in the detection and protection against this kind of threats and be obtained of trustworthy source.
  • Maintain the antivirus up to date since that the propagation of new virus is very intense. Only like this will you be protected against the latest virus. The updating should be done automatically whenever the computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Run the antivirus regularly to find virus in all of the files of the disk on your computer;
  • Verify that the data or software which you obtained or were send to you by third party are virus free, submitting them to an antivirus program, before installing them on your computer;
  • Never download nor install unlicensed applications, or of which you are not aware of the origin or purpose.

3º - Install or configure a personal firewall
A firewall is installed and used on a personal computer with the objective of help stop non authorized remote accesses to the computer when it is connected to the Internet. Without a firewall, the computer has no protection against hackers or other kind of attacks.

Make sure that a firewall is installed and activated on your computer.

4º - Keep informed on threats and recommendations
Consult other international and national references on this theme, such as Security at home (Microsoft) ((*) contents of the responsibility of the entities specified).

Find out more about Virus, Worms and Trojans or how to detect whether your computer has a Virus.


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